9 Cog Fidget Spinner

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9 Cog Fidget Spinner


Do you sit there wondering what to do with your hands? Do you constantly look for something to fidget with? Pen or pencil not cutting it anymore? Look no further because the 9 Cog Fidget Spinner is here. Spin, push, twist, press, roll and click your way into “Fidgety Heaven” with the 9 Cog Fidget Spinner. You can use it anywhere. The 9 Cog Fidget Spinner is ideal for the office, commuting, in a meeting, classroom, or just watching TV.


·         Material – Copper, Stainless Steel

·         Function – Stress Relief/Boredom Relief

·         Gender – Unisex

·         Spin Time – Roughly 3-4 Min



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