Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Q) How can I contact you?

A) You can reach us at pennylotus42@gmail.com for general inquiries, or mypennylotus@gmail.com for refunds/shipping errors/or damaged goods.

Q) How quickly will you be able to answer my email?

A) We try to answer each email as promptly as possible but our policy is to respond within 24 hours of receiving said email during normal business hours.

Q) What are your normal business hours

A) Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm CST.


Shipping Questions

Q) Why are shipping times so long?

A) Our products are shipped from overseas can take a few weeks to arrive.

Q) Why are your products coming from overseas?

A) In order to give you the best price, we use products that come from overseas.

Q) Why does my product have a different name on the package then in the description?

A) Some of the products have names in different languages, so we try to use more common names in the description.

Q) Your business is Canadian based in location, why are your shipping times to Canada International.

A) Our suppliers don’t offer a faster shipping service to Canada other than the ones we have listed.



Q) What if I don’t like my product or I changed my mind after it has been shipped.

A) Simply follow our procedure in the REFUND POLICY page and we will refund your money.

Q) My product is damaged, what can I do?

A) Send us an email at mypennylotus@gmail.com explaining in detail what the issue is and we will replace or refund your money upon following the same procedure in the REFUND POLICY.

Q) What if I change my address after I placed my order?

A) If the product has shipped, then we are unable to change the address. However, please send us an email as soon as you can and we will try to do what we can to fix the situation.

Q) Why do you want me to review my product?

A) It helps us and others to ensure we are delivering a quality product at a fair price.